We are MillennialSmiths. We believe in Shoshin. We are the reflection of each one of you who believe that given the right opportunity, everyone can realize their potential. For all of you, who believe in having a beginner's minds, no matter what level of experience or age you may be, we are one of you.

Our Team is working across 5 continents to bring out the "Real Me" in all of us; to enable individuals in Realising their true Potential. We ensure whatever your true desire or unique skill may be, it is brought out to the wider world through the right channels. We connect the some of the budding Mathematicians to the best Data Science teams; Some of the best designers and sketchers to the coolest User Experience labs; some of budding investment strategists to the best fund management houses; some of the budding athletes are part of the MillennialSmiths team to find their feet in the Professional Sports field.

Social Contribution has become a vital part of our existence. Contrary to popular belief, we the MillennialSmiths are keen, more than ever before, to place social welfare ahead of our individual desires.